segunda-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2008

The Mojomatics - A Sweet Mama Gonna Hoodoo Me

The Mojos heap together hillbilly blues, old country, folk, and bluegrass, inject it with the melody of British Invasion pop, and fire it all out with the breakneck energy of the best garage/punk/rock n’ roll. The duo’s playing is still tight and electric (sounds like there’s five of ‘em, not just two!), and Matt’s songwriting has advanced from damn great to unfuckingbelievable. (by Lord Rutledge)

1. My Mojo Starts Workin' Now - 2. It's Such a Shame
3. Kiss Me When I'm Cold - 4. My Evil Eye on You
5. Soul Dealings on the Railway, Part 1 - 6. Bad Mojo Stomp
7. The Letter - 8. How Long Babe? - 9. The Story That I Tell
10. She's No Good - 11. Swing for a Bad Day
12. Don't Shoot Me Please - 13. Please Think About Me
14. Soul Dealings on the Railway, Part 2
15. Wrong Devil Blues - 16. Rag for a Sad Day

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sábado, 20 de dezembro de 2008

Manganzoides - Sobredosis de Horror

Since 1996, garage/psych/surf rock from Lima, Peru! They started playing live in 1997 and their first release was the "Manganzoides" cassette in 1998, followed by "Mas Dosis!!!" in 2000. The original material from the first tape was released in a split LP by Repent Recs (California), while the two cassettes were re released as a single CD, "Dosis Completa" in Peru (reissued in 2007 in Peru and Argentina). We went back to the studio in 2001 and these songs were included in the No Fun CD "Sobredosis de Horror" (2002) along witn the "Mas dosis!!!" songs. In Peru we released "Ciudad del horror" (Caleta, 2002), including the 2001 tracks and live/rare material. After some interruptions, in 2003-2004 we recorded "Radio Komodo", which was released by No Fun in the US and by Union/Komodo in Peru. In 2006 we recorded our final album, "El entierro de los Manganzoides", with 14 brand new songs. It was released by the Argentinian label Rastrillo Records in October 2006 and the band's last concerts were in Lima and Buenos Aires in mid 2007.

1. El condór pasta (instrumental) -2. Mujer boa - 3. Musaraña
4. El Diablo y Yo - 5. No me puedo controlar - 6. Mas te vale correr
7. El entierro de los gatos (Los Saicos) - 8. Tsunami!
9. Estoy a 5 años de acá (The Third Bardo) - 10. Dificil de curar
11. Ganímedes - 12. Fuzztomano piedrícola
13. La ciudad del horror - 14. Basura - 15. Cucarachas voladoras
16. Nido de ratas - 17. Lluvia de Fuzztones
18. Cavando mi propria tumba - 19. Sudando frío (en vivo)
20. Llora esta noche (Q65)

sexta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2008

Los Beatniks - Rebelde

June of 1966, Argentina, CBS Studios - Los Beatniks were recording two songs that are considered some of the first ones from argentinean rock, "Rebelde" and "No Finjas Más". Both of the songs were composed by members of the band and there's the other song, "Soldado", that was never released. The band never reached out the success and they disbanded some time after the release of their first and only 7".

1. No Finjas Más
2. Rebelde
3. Soldado

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quinta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2008

The Phantom Keys - In The Summertime

The Phantom Keys staggered from their garage in a little village in the west coast of Spain some months ago and quickly became the next big thing for the spanish garage kids and sixties crew. They like Garage sound but they are NOT another garage band; too Pop for the rudest garage followers. They like sixties look but they are NOT another sixties band; too real for the mod wanabees. The Phantom Keys want to have the total control of their own band and they? (bip bip records)

1. In The Summertime
2. You Got Fire
3. Velvet Illusions

terça-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2008

Juanita y Los Feos - Juanita y Los Feos

The Spanish Black Lips? Well, maybe with a dash of that Back From The Grave/Teenage Shutdown 60s garage grit and some gutsy new wave/synth punk attitude. Vocalist Juanita, the Spanish Penelope Houston?, is expertly backed by Anibal (organ), Angelito (bass), Fa Feo (guitar) and drummer Rafa. Clearly one of Madrid's hottest acts at the moment. I bet they f*ckin' slay live with these 12 action swingers, there's not a weak tune among'em, just pure youthful carnivorous energy that'd melt anything in sight! Get this, NOW! (by

1. El agujero - 2. Madre soltera (no quiero ser una)
3. Dame un cuchillo - 4. Reina por un día - 5. Maldito desagradecido
6. Baila como un robot - 7. El huracán ha llegado a Vietnam
8. No tengo ritmo - 9. Tu secta es guay - 10.Footing
11.Nima Peymanfard - 12.Sisebuto - 13.Un piso en el paraíso

Os Haxixins - Os Haxixins

Born and raised in the “Lost Zone” (or “Zona Lost”), a pun on their tamed neighboorhood’s name in São Paulo, Brazil (Zona Leste, a.k.a. East Zone, a brazilian equivalent to NYC’s Bronx), Os Haxixins are problaly the most obscure and ill-fated band in the city’s garage-rock scene. Influenced by hard to find 60’s records, garage punk and psychedelia, the long time friends Sir Uly (drums) and Fábio (guitar) decided to come up with a repertoire based “only on fuzz pedal and guts”, according to Sir Uly himself, after a non-succesfull experience in a band called Merry Prankster.

1. Onde Meditar - 2. Dirty Old Man - 3. Depois Eu Volto
4. Surgia Por Sobre A Relva - 5. E Se As Pedras Cairem
6. Davi & Os Seus Lírios - 7. Em Algum Lugar Da Mente
8. Viagem As Cavernas - 9. Preciso Te Deixar - 10. In The Deep End
11. Algumas Milhas Daqui - 12. Atrás De Espaçonaves
13. Voltei Demente - 14. Ácido Fincado

FuzzFaces - Voodoo Hits

This is my first sonido and I hope you enjoy it, because this guys really came from la tumba!

From the mean streets of São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil, the FuzzFaces play their raw, crude and extreme garage rock sound since 2000. Maybe the first Brazilian band playing this kind of music. They recorded an EP in 2001, called "Nós Não Estamos Nem Aí" (We don't give a fuck), and their first album in 2003, "Voodoo Hits". The band's first official CD, with both the EP and the first album, was released in 2007 by Rastrillo Records, with the cover art made by the fantastic Darren Merinuk. (text by Bonniwell Voxx)

1. Fita K7 - 2. Voodoo Hits - 3. Cry In The Night - 4. Hospício
5. Peste - 6. Don't Tread On Me - 7. So Nesse Caixão
8. Vendi A Rickenbaker (Com muito gosto) - 9. Be A Caveman
10. Autêntico Selvagem - 11. Um Cara Normal - 12. Eu Já Nem Sei
13. Lie Detector - 14. Menina do corcel vermelho
15. Caminhos Cruzados - 16. Depois Daquela Viagem
17. Um minhão de anos luz - 18. Agora não tem volta