quinta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2009

Thee Butchers' Orchestra - Complete B-sides Series

Two untamed trashy guitars and raw drums providing everything you need to shake your hips and jump around endlessly. You can find such a blend of influences in their music! From punk, old school blues to Brazilian raw beats... It’s imediate, agressive and careless. Add some Latin heat to it all! Right from the jungle! It is savage rock and roll. The band started in October 1996, 2 guitars and the drums. After 3 albuns out only in tape cassetes and a 7', they put out their first cd, Golden Hits by thee Butchers’ Orchestra in 2001 (Ordinary Recs..+ Sebo 264). It was considered the best albun in Brazil and the trio, the best band of 2001 by the music press. The rawness of their alive perfomances is well registered in the 16 songs of the record. Uncooked mono rock and roll.

1. 1969 - 2. tornado bitch - 3. grease chicken - 4. here i am
5. spare change for sex change - 6. monkey swing
7. the last time - 8. back in time - 9. ghetto party
10. ninety nine - 11 .i got her name in my mouth
12. when you stop lovin' me - 13. picture my face - 14. back at you
15. skipping games - 16. move to the music - 17. son of scorpion
18. party with me punker - 19. i don't wanna hear it

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