quinta-feira, 25 de junho de 2009

R.I.P. Sky Saxon

a great man, an incommensurable lost.

r.i.p. sky sunlight saxon

see the farmer on the other side of town
he's always working hard 'til the sun goes down...

quarta-feira, 17 de junho de 2009

Los Gatos Salvajes (1965)

No one is better to tell about it than the own band:

“Except for the inclusion of a subject in English, this one is the first local disc of music 100% beat in Castilian, since the first songs of Litto were not mere translations or imitations of English bands (…) the then writing by Litto Nebbia today can seem too simple or ingenuous, but was the point of the spear of the rock in Argentina, that happened to occupy the place that the tango had left vacant for the young generation” (M.Fernández Bitar).

1. en tu corazón - 2. har s lo que te pida - 3. la respuesta
4. me tienes que besar - 5. lo que m s me gusta a mi - 6. donde vas
7. bajo la rambla - 8. d‚jame d‚jame - 9. por que‚ heriste mi corazón
10. eres mala - 11. hablando de ti - 12. necesito saber
13. yo soy el mejor - 14. quien vendr por mi - 15. tan solo un perdedor
16. boleto para pasear - 17. ruta a go-go

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quinta-feira, 28 de maio de 2009

Transistors - 1 Segundo

since 1999 influenced by proto-punk, psychedelic and mod, they are on the 1st volume of a compilation called Brazilian Pebbles. Their debult album was released in 2003, “In Transfuzzion”produced by Adriano and Marco from Thee' Butchers Orchestra at Ordinary Recordings. This is the seccond album, released in 2006.

1. Um Segundo - 2. Algo Errado - 3. Submundo
4. Não Mais - 5. Je Suis Ton Jouet - 6. Mausoléu
7. Doce Vida - 8. Tout le Monde - 9. Sua Voz

This album is a courtesy from Swedish 60s

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domingo, 12 de abril de 2009

Os Skywalkers - Correndo atrás do perigo

Their first album " Correndo atras do Perigo" (Chasing Danger) was released in 2002 and managed to show that it still possible to make 60´s influenced music in the new century and that it worked quite well, thank you. Stand out cuts on the first album are Ave Lanny Gordin (legendary brazilian guitarrist who played with Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso, Tim Maia, Rita Lee, Jards Macale and Gal Costa) and " Para Entrar na Cena", enough to make fans osf 60´s guitar rock weep with delight.

1. Correndo atrás do perigo
2. Ave Lanny Gordin
3. Rádio Comunitária
4. Se você quiser vir comigo
5. Homem Fardado
6. Instrumental
7. Já é hora de acordar
8. Abra um sorriso pra mim
9. Minérios Atômicos
10. Colecionador de Discos
11. Bolha de Sabão
12. Caminhando Sobre o Tempo

Os Migalhas

Os Migalhas are no long playing, but you can listen to Sprint 77, the remainder band of Os Migalhas.

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quinta-feira, 9 de abril de 2009

O'Seis - all recordings

All recordings: O'Seis EP and two tracks w/ Gemini II and Tio (Lindo and Tchau Mug)

O'Seis is the pre-Mutantes band, they are: Arnaldo Baptista, Sérgio Dias, Raphael Villardi, Rita Lee and Suely Chagas.

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ps: we realize that the song "o suicida" was with trouble, so we replaced for a new link with the correct file. also, you need do nothing, just download again if you have downloaded before.

segunda-feira, 6 de abril de 2009

Brazilian Nuggets Vol 2

The 2nd volume has great obscurities like D. Kalafe, Os Da Bahia, Altafini and Spectrum.

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sexta-feira, 3 de abril de 2009

Brazilian Nuggets Vol 1

The best of unknown pyschedelic fuzz from Brazil!

Copilation created by Freakium e-Zine

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quinta-feira, 22 de janeiro de 2009

Thee Butchers' Orchestra - Complete B-sides Series

Two untamed trashy guitars and raw drums providing everything you need to shake your hips and jump around endlessly. You can find such a blend of influences in their music! From punk, old school blues to Brazilian raw beats... It’s imediate, agressive and careless. Add some Latin heat to it all! Right from the jungle! It is savage rock and roll. The band started in October 1996, 2 guitars and the drums. After 3 albuns out only in tape cassetes and a 7', they put out their first cd, Golden Hits by thee Butchers’ Orchestra in 2001 (Ordinary Recs..+ Sebo 264). It was considered the best albun in Brazil and the trio, the best band of 2001 by the music press. The rawness of their alive perfomances is well registered in the 16 songs of the record. Uncooked mono rock and roll.

1. 1969 - 2. tornado bitch - 3. grease chicken - 4. here i am
5. spare change for sex change - 6. monkey swing
7. the last time - 8. back in time - 9. ghetto party
10. ninety nine - 11 .i got her name in my mouth
12. when you stop lovin' me - 13. picture my face - 14. back at you
15. skipping games - 16. move to the music - 17. son of scorpion
18. party with me punker - 19. i don't wanna hear it

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