quinta-feira, 25 de junho de 2009

R.I.P. Sky Saxon

a great man, an incommensurable lost.

r.i.p. sky sunlight saxon

see the farmer on the other side of town
he's always working hard 'til the sun goes down...

quarta-feira, 17 de junho de 2009

Los Gatos Salvajes (1965)

No one is better to tell about it than the own band:

“Except for the inclusion of a subject in English, this one is the first local disc of music 100% beat in Castilian, since the first songs of Litto were not mere translations or imitations of English bands (…) the then writing by Litto Nebbia today can seem too simple or ingenuous, but was the point of the spear of the rock in Argentina, that happened to occupy the place that the tango had left vacant for the young generation” (M.Fernández Bitar).

1. en tu corazón - 2. har s lo que te pida - 3. la respuesta
4. me tienes que besar - 5. lo que m s me gusta a mi - 6. donde vas
7. bajo la rambla - 8. d‚jame d‚jame - 9. por que‚ heriste mi corazón
10. eres mala - 11. hablando de ti - 12. necesito saber
13. yo soy el mejor - 14. quien vendr por mi - 15. tan solo un perdedor
16. boleto para pasear - 17. ruta a go-go

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